They are waiting for you… remember that.

We look at our lives, who we are now, and tell God THANK YOU because we KNOW where we’ve come from and who we used to be. But how often do we look at the people who helped to curate us. Rather their contribution was small or great, they were pivotal to our present success.

Imagine where you would be if it wasn’t for that person who wouldn’t let you give up. What about the one who smiled every time you had an idea and told you how great it was? Think about that conversation where they said to GO FOR IT! Or even the one who tried to talk you OUT of it. But really they just gave you extra motivation…

All of these people played a part in getting you to this point. From then to now. 

So WHO are you here for? Who is waiting specifically for YOU to help them reach their NEXT LEVEL of clarity and success?

You are CALLED to solve someone’s problem, and to fill the GAP in their life. But what’s getting in your way and giving you quiet resistance?

During this session “Filling the G.A.P.S. : WHO are you here for?” We will break down the word GAPS to reveal how significant you are to your IDEAL CLIENT. Also showing you how to deal with and get past what’s making you resist, by honoring God’s CALL!

Remember…They are waiting for you!

Tiffany Eve Lawrence
Founder & CEO of Covered Cubs