The Christian faith is often a difficult journey. Life, itself, is difficult. However, once someone decides to trust a visible (yet invisible) God, it can make life seem a little more difficult to understand. It’s even the more difficult to be an entrepreneur and a devote Christian because you try to appeal to as many people as you can while yet upholding your Christian integrity. The Christian journey is personal; lonely most of the time. That’s why personalizing your faith is important because at the end of the day, when the lights go out, it’s just you and God!

As a Personalize Your Faith Coach, some have asked: how does someone personalize their faith. I always reassure the person that having faith, or trust, in God is a daily renewal process. It’s not a destination. It’s something that you need daily to endure the negativity and evil that is always present. This renewal process is sort of like gaining a better focus on God’s Will is for your life. To focus your faith, you are also personalizing your faith. When we focus, are senses are heightened and we aren’t easily distracted with the tricks of the enemy.

How can someone focus their faith? The first thing I recommend is facing the truth! Get butt-naked honest with God and self. Ask yourself the tough, open-ended, mind-strengthening questions about life and what you need! Overcome the negativity! Rebuke the limiting beliefs and destroy the root cause of all negativity thoughts that crosses your mind! Calm down but increase consistency! Have you emotional and human moments; get all of that out! That’s complete fine but eventually you’ll need to calm down! However, calming down does not mean stop working your purpose! In fact, you need to increase your consistency in accomplishing your assignments! Unleash a plan of action! Write your vision, give your dreams/goals life, and get to work! It says in James 2:17 how faith without works is dead. Finally, stir up your gifts! Discover your supernatural abilities (spiritual gifts) so that you know where you’ll make the most impact in the Kingdom of God! The Kingdom of God includes several areas of influence, e.g. government, schools, television, etc. Your supernatural abilities help to unleash unlimited possibilities!

Latonia Price

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